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Zhaoqing City Railway Public Security Bureau

Date:2016-6-8 16:00

SUNTRON had finished the conference system project for Zhaoqing Railway Police. The project includes system for multifunctional conference room and multimedia training room. And there is display system, intelligent camera tracking conference system, sound system, central control system and light system etc in multifunction conference room. To multimedia training room, there is display system, sound system, central control system and others.



Bassed on Zhaoqing Railway Police's demand, we offer whole set systme.

Product list includes:

1) Display system: projector, 100'' projector screen, 180'' projector screen;

2) Conference system: ACS4000M conference system(main unit, chairman unit, delegate unit etc), audio mixer, D44PE DSP processor, HS3380AD feedback suppressor, POWE-801B power sequence controller;

3) Central control system: POWER-8B+ programmable power controller, AV3M+ programmable central controller, WIFI-7011WIFI touch control panel;

4) Others: all-in-one computer, LED light, tables and chairs.


To make sure the systme will reach top level, SUNTRON arrange several experienced engineers to do the construction.


The systems had helped to improved the working effiency and timeliness.

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