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  • Product Name: DSP Digital Audio Processor Media matrix Switcher






input channel





Output channel






The series product adopts new prepositive amplifier electric circuit and DSP processing configuration.It is improved a lot on ability,speed,sound quality when process.User can select one or two DSP configuration solution according to audio processor requirement.And the product is with clear operation interface,support feedback controlled algorithm by software.It adopts IU compact configuration designed.There are input/output signal indicator light,power supply,control signal,failure light on front panel.User can set and control by ETHERNET,RS232,GPIO.



Product features

l  4,8,12 Way balance microphone/line input,adopts bare wire interface terminal

l  4,8,12 Way balance output,adopts bare wire interface terminal

l  24 analog/digital to digital/analog transform,up to 96KHz

l  built-in feedback control algorithm

l  own camera tracking function

l  Network interface for software setting/control

l  serial interface for the third RS-232 remote control

l  with remote control serial function RS-485 interface

l  GPIO programmable control interface

l  support SNMP/SMTP remote manage

l  support scene pre-set function

l  Software operation environment:WindowsNT4.0/2000/XP/Windows7.

l  2 channels of telephone interfaces

Technical parameter

l  Input source:Input method can switch balance microphone or line,use phoenix interface.

l  Phantom power supply: DC 48V

l  Frequency response: 20~20kHz,±0.06

l  Dynamic range:103dB  THD<1% @ 1kHz

l  THD:-85dB  THD<0.0056% @ 1kHz,+4dBu

l  Channel isolation: 80dB

l  Background noise: -80dBA

l  Input gain adjust range: -35~25dB(-20dB Pad),-15~45dB

l  Signal noise ratio: 103.7dB

l  CMRR:85dB@20dBu ,1kHz81dB@4dBu,1kHz

l  Time-delayer: time0ms~2000ms, distance0m~680m

l  Output valve level-72.0dB~0.0dB,±12dB

l  Interface: phoenix interface standard input level:±4dBu line electric level,20dB Dynamic margin

l  Maximum output level: +24dBu

l  Input impedance: >10kΩ balance

l  Output impedance: <600Ωbalance

l  Power supply: 100V~230V AC,50Hz/60Hz

l  Working temperature: 0 degree centigrade to 40 degree centigrade

l  Packing dimension(mm): 545*365*145

l  Weight: 5KG

l  Notes:± stands for minimum change value each time