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  • Product Name: Eight Channels Programmable Power Controller

Function traits and technical specification

1) Covered in metal crust, shielded by six surfaces.

2) 8 channels with strong power or weak power control, each channel with current 20A maximum.

3) Program and define each logical switch action (interlock, sequence, synchronization action, etc.)

4) Through RS485 the controller connects with other equipment, interior coding switch addressing, can connect 255 equipment.

5) With the function of shutting of the lamp, when there is power after a black-out, this can prevent power waste and ensure safety. In addition, it is able to transfer each mode in storage through central controller or computer software when there is power.

6) 8 individual on-off keys on panel.

7) Indicator light that can show the on/off state of each channel (8 indicator lights totally).

8) Three modes of controlling: panel press keys by hand-operated, central control, computer software.

9) With power supply indicator and relay actuation, it is convenient for repairing equipment.

10) Input voltage: 220VAC+/-15%.

11) This product can be used in projector/television power on/off, electric screen/electric projector hanger/LCD riser etc. rise and down, curtain’s open/close, the light’s on/off.

12) Special function: User can control lamps through traditional electrical switch.