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  • Product Name: Smart-AV Programmable Central controller

    SMART-AV is a programmable central control system main unit which is designed for small and medium conference room, lecture hall or classroom. It integrated VGA, compound video matrix, and audio matrix, many kinds of serial communication port (RS-232/RS-485), digital IO, relay output, IR and network and so on. Also with 2 channels of independent switch phantom power, independent volume adjustable microphone input port. Then provide users a economy, practical and powerful solution.

8.1 Product traits

1) Diagrammatic programmable software.

2) With volume adjustable audio matrix.

3) With 48V phantom power supply microphone port, and volume is adjustable.

4) Built-in VGA and CVBS switch function.

5) Built-in screen, electric projector lift and devices power supply management function, and with switch for emergency use.

6) Support programmable touch screen or central control panel to control.

7) Equipment work status can be feedback to the touch screen or control panel.

8) Optional network module support network control and WIFI touch screen control.


8.2 Function configuration

1) 2 channels programmable serial port, 1 channel RS-232/485 optional, another channel of RS232, compatible with PC software setup access(DB9 male)

2) 2 channels programmable IR port(3.5 jack

3) 3 channels digital I/O port, can be set as In or Out, receive TTL level signal or output TTL level(phoenix male head)

4) 1 channel with electric screen control port(American-Standard triple plug) power supplied by AC220V

5) 1 channel contactor control electric projector lift control port(no power supply)

6) 1 channel controllable on/off key, the power supply port(Chinese standard triple plug) for projector with time delay protection

7) 1 channel device power supply port(Chinese standard triple plug) which with controllable on/off key

8) 2 channels microphone input port (XLR male), with independent switch 48V phantom power supply and volume is adjustable.

9) Built-in bandwidth 350MHz 3*2 VGA matrix(DB15 female head)

10) 2* 2 compound video switch(BNC port)

11) Built-in volume control 5*1 audio switch(3.5 jack)

12) Built-in power supply port for wired touch screen and control panel(phoenix male head)

13) Built-in card reader and electric lock port, be convenient for the management of platform and system devices.

14) Optional network module support network control and WIFI touch screen control, include power supply port for network module(phoenix male head)

15) Standard 2U international case, it is able to install in standard 19” cabinet.

16) 200-240VAC for power supply