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  • Product Name: Programmable Integareted Central Controller


    New AV3+ fully upgrade, Can be controlled through IPAD, Android, RF touch screen.

    AV3+ is designed for large control system, which is able to programmable by users. It integrated many kinds of serial communication port (RS-232/RS-485/RS-422), digital IO, relay output, IR and network and so on. It can be used in such occasion: command-and-control center, AV administration center, dispatch center, multimedia conference hall, multimedia classroom, report center, training center, hotel and smart home. There is also one simple image programmable software that contain all kinds of logical function, the users can compose and choose image automatically. Then provide them a complete, reliable, convenient and practical solution.


    Besides the practical function, AV3+ controller also take humanization design into consideration, set state indicator light to make the engineers and users know the state clearly when debugging and using.

Products traits

1) Support apple IPAD, Android, RF touch screen to control

2) 32 bits high performance ARM processor

3) 2M Bytes Flash and 8M Bytes RAM (It is able to update to 32M)

4) Fully state indicator light

5) User define serial port setup (RS-232/RS-485/RS-422), the range of communication parameter is wide

6) Strong diagrammatic programmable environment

7) It is able to use many kinds of logical composition command

8) System reset key

Function configuration

1) 1 24VDC output SR-NET connector, it is able to communicate with the same brand peripheral equipment (such as volume controller, power controller)

2) 1 IR learning port (front panel), use with system applications software

3) 8 digital IO, it is able to set In or Out, receive TTL level signal or output TTL level

4) 8 relay outputs, (Isolated, strong anti-interference)

5) 8 IR output ports, it is able to control IR remote equipment

6) 8 RS232/RS485/RS422 ports, it is able to output/input serial data

7) 1 TCP/IP 10M/100M Ethernet interface(RJ45 port)

8) 1 RS232 which used to set network parameter and program download

Product specification

1) Standard 2U international aluminum metal case, it is able to install standard rack.

2) 100-240V AC voltage adaptive power supply.