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  • Product Name: Pencil Type Wireless Microphone
  • Model No.: U5S1/U5S2

   The type of wireless microphone system is designed for modern school,especially suitable for occasion of multi-classrooms(about 60)and several teachers.When each classroom provide one wireless receiver,any teacher with wireless microphone can teach in any classroom,it is available when starting up.The system is widely welcomed for its features of easy to use,convenient to carry,clear sound,environmental USB charger,prevent infection.


system features

1.advanced blue-tooth 2.4GHz digital Wireless automatic recognition technology of frequency  

A.wide range of auto frequency range:more than 1-30m(Stationary state without obstacle) multiple transmission modes of point to point and point to multiple-point,support to limitless quantity of receiving terminal.

C.easy to avoid disturb frequency:use blue-tooth ISM of 2.4GHz frequency range,is able to meet the need of multiple-frequency and frequency hopping;system will auto-select the new frequency point when it occurs strong disturb to avoid the disturb frequency.

D.rapid target frequency,available when starting up.

E.LCD on wireless receiver will show RF signal when successfully target frequency. F.It is available for any teacher with pencil type wireless microphone in any classroom with wireless receiver;

2.high sound quality

When successful target frequency,the working frequency is the same between receiver and pencil type wireless microphone,system will auto-transform to analog signal work which ensure the sound quality by original,to make sure the receive signal in hi-fi wide frequency response.avoid the fault of direct adoption of ISM of 2.4GHz(as:signal easy to receive by substance,easy to lose the line,easy to disturb by wireless LAN etc)

3.USB environmental charger interface

4.ultra low power consumption, more power saving

Dry battery working time is about 6-10 hours.NI-MH chargeable battery working time is 6-8 hours.

5.ultra lightweight pencil type design

Length of 155MM(includes USB charge interface 170MM),diameter14.77MM,weight of 52G.

6.input gain optional

0dB for handheld using,9dB used for clip or hanging in front of the chest

7.100 auto-select frequency channels without disturb

User can pre-set channels on LCD of receiver,pencil type wireless microphone will auto-select to target frequency when power on.


System index

target frequency2.4G

frequency range740-765MHz

adjust methodFM

adjustable range50MHz wideband

Frequency channels100

interval250 KHz

Frequency stabilitywithin ±0.005%

dynamic range90dB

Maximum deviation±45KHZ

Audio response80HZ-12KHz (±3dB)

comprehensive noise rate>85dB

comprehensive distortion≤0.5%

Working temperature-10℃~+40℃

Operation distance40 meter,auto-target frequency distance:3 meter(wide space)


Receiver index

receiver methodThe two frequency heterodyne

middle frequencythe first middle frequency110MHz,the second middle frequency:10.7MHz

Wireless interfaceBNC/50 ohm

sensitivity12 dBµV (80dBS/N)

sensitivity adjust range12-32 dBµV

Spurious suppression≥75dB

Maximum output intensity+10 dBV


pencil type wireless microphone index

Target frequency2.4G

wireless pattern adopts 1/4 wave length,built-in screw antenna,output power:high power 30mW

Spurious suppression-60dB

Power supply1 AAA dry battery or chargeable battery

battery working hoursdry batter:6-10 hours. NI-MH chargeable battery:68 hours

Charge methodMINI USB charging,able to charge by PC