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  • Product Name: MDA Series Card Type Programmable Central Controller with Audio
  • Model No.: MDA-4M/MDA-4MP

1) Patent product, obtained national compulsory CCC certification.

2) Both of software StrAV&MDA and StrIDE are obtained certification of copyright.

3) Support control by iPad, Android, RF Touch panel, PC and web server.

4) Innovative card plug-in type with 3 extension slots. Each slot can be inserted into MIC card to extend the MIC input. Meanwhile, can also insert into all kinds of extension card upgrade to small and medium-size central control system.

5) MDA series integrated our engineering application experience, specially designed for the medium-size intelligent conference room. It creatively integrates the function of 4 channel MIC input( can extend to 16 channel via extension card, include phantom power supply), pre-mixing processing, 4 channel stereo line input and switch, MIC INSERT, AUX IN/OUT, digital power amplifier, digital volume control module, power management module and central control system into one device. Its function is powerful and convenient to use.

6) Its MIC INSERT/RETURN interface designed for access feedback suppressor, improve the microphone pick up distance and avoid the microphone howling effectively. Unique in AUX IN/OUT interface used for audio OUT/IN in distance video conference system, it also have echo cancellation technology, can eliminate the inherent echo from distance video conference system.

7) Adopts CAN bus, creative card plug-in design, powerful expansion. Customer can equip with various kinds of extension card depends on their requirements, it avoid wasting and convenient to upgrade again.

8) There is 1 channel manageable power output, can supply power to peripheral device directly or by outlet.

Technical parameters






4 CH MIC input with phantom power supply(can expand to 16 CH), 4CH stereo line input


1CH stereo output before amplifier

1CH REC stereo output

1dual CH balance main output

1CH REC stereo output

Insert port

1CH INSERT/RETURN interface for access feedback suppressor.


For access the audio of remote video conference system,with intelligent echo cancellation technology.

Amplifier output power



Input power

100-120V/AC50/60Hz or 200-240V/AC  50/60Hzit selected by switch

Wide voltage:100-240V/AC  50/60Hz

Output power

As above, manageable

As above, manageable

Digital interface

RS232*1When access the MIC card to the expansion slot, control the device by other equipment, such as wall control panel or other central controller can control the machine via this interface, like volume control or use the audio mode, etc.

Volume Control Module

Built in digital volume control module, support wall control panel or central control of other brands to  volume control and use the audio mode.

Control mode

Support digital control mode like wired control panel, wired touch panel,RF wireless touch screen, Android pad or IPAD,etc. With LCD & multiple manual button.

MIC input sensitivity

Vpp(0.5V-1V adjustable)

Line Output sensitivity


Band width(-3dB)




Volume range

51dB to 38dB

Audio THD+noise

0.03%( 1W4Ω) \1%(200W1W4Ω

Audio second harmonic

0.16% @2W 4


Input AC Output DC

Type of Amplifier



Weight(with the cards)

Net weight is about 5.5KG, gross weight is about 7.5KG

Net weight is about 4KG, gross weight is about 6KG


Cabinet size--485mm*330mm*60mm, Package size--555mm*515mm*145mm


Configuration card





Basic card


1) Basic control card of central control system.

2)Interface: Ethernet *1(TCP/IP: support control by IOS/android/web master), SR-NET*1, RS232*1/RS485*1.

3) Adopts CAN bus, support system expansion.

4) 32 bits high performance ARM processor.

5) 1M Bytes Flash &192K+1M Bytes RAM(extensible)


1) Basic control card of central control system.

2) Interface:built in WIFI module( TCP/IP: support IOS/android/web server), SR-NET*1,RS232*1.

3) Adopt CAN bus, support system extension)

4) 32 bits high performance ARM processor.

5) 2M Bytes Flash & 192K+1M Bytes RAM( extensible)

Extension card



2 channel COM, support two way RS232/422/485


6 channel IR, can defined as one way RS232


6 channel RELAY


12 channel I/O


4 CH MIC input, with 48V phantom power( can turn on/off via switch)

Note: the weight of each card is about 0.08KG.