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  • Product Name: Power Sequence Controller
  • Model No.: POWER- 801B


1) Input voltage: 220VAC+/-15%

2) 8 channels large power supply output, single channel output 10A,total input power current 45A

3) 1 power indicator light, 8 relay indicator light

4) Press the touch switch, power supply to 8 channels from the first channel by sequence. Press the touch switch again, power supply turn off the eighth channel by sequence.

4) It is able to connect 99 numbers of equipment at most from RJ45. The sequence action can be controlled by one key under the connection state.(switch of the first equipment is able to control all the connection equipment)

6) Adjustable for the interval: from the dip switch, it is able to set the interval from 0.5s to 3.5s as request(each time add 0.5s)

7) Especially touch switch connection of central control system, it has manual and touch switch being selected which make operation easily.

8) Standard 19inch international metal case, support standard rack installation

9) This product apply to the acoustics system that need to supply power by sequence and cut the power by negative sequence to prevent wrong operation which will harm to speaker. Aiming at the system with numerous equipment, can turn on/off several equipment by one key.