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  • Product Name: Four Channels Programmable Volume Controller
  • Model No.: VOL-4C

Products Description

Applied to high-class conference room, command-center, auditorium, supermarket for volume control, matched the programmable central control main unit, use together with central controller.


Technical Specification

1) 4 mono/2 stereo individual volumes adjust and control

2) Power: 24V DC external power supply by network

3) Ways for controlling: through the individual network protocol

4) Single or multichannel volume adjust

5) Hi-fi volume control: including high, woof, mixed adjusting

6) Provide customer the function of switch memory protection when power cut

7) Volume output impedance: 10ohm

8) I/O: balanced or unbalanced

9) THD: -85DB

10) Noise: -85DB

11) Input level: 1Vp-p

12) Degree of separation: -90DB

13) Attenuation Range: 0-76DB(max)

14) Mute: -104DB

15) Frequency Response: 80HZ-16KHZ(-3 minimum)

16) Uniformity: 80HZ-16KHZ (+/-0.2DB)

17) Control mode: RS-232/485

18) Baud rate: 9600

19) Check bit: none

20) Data bit: 8

21) Stop bit: 1

22) Housing: metallic material

23) Vibration: ISTA 1A

24) External dimension: 185L*155W*38H(MM)

25) Weight: 0.6KG