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  • Product Name: Protocol Converter
  • Model No.: R160

    R160 is I/O-RS232 protocol converter which usually used with Intelligent receptacle panel. It connect with R160 by a double shield wire, each R160 can connect intelligent socket with 16 numbers maximum. The PC signal can be switched immediately to the terminal such as projector when you press the signal switch shortcut on the intelligent socket.


    R160 has a one-way output interface RS232 which user can type 16 sets of standard RS232 control code to control the equipment via interface of RS232(such as VGA matrix switcher, central control main unit etc)

    When R160 converter used with intelligent receptacle and VGA matrix switcher, user only need to press the shortcut key on receptacle to transfer the signal from computer to projector.

    When R160 converter used with intelligent socket that has signal switch key and programmable central control, it is able to achieve the function of pressing one key on intelligent receptacle and control several equipment after program the system.

Product Parameter

1) Input: 16 on/off input

2) Output: 1 RS232 interface, 1 SR-NET interface.

3) Power supply: DC24V( can supply from central controller)

4) Controlling code: standard RS232 (be able to type according to the equipment)

5) Code’s set number: 16

6) Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/115200Bit optional

7) E/O/N optional

8) Parity bit: E/O/N optional

9) Data bit: 8

9) Stop bit: 1