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  • Product Name: Split Type Electrified Education Central Controller
  • Model No.: CCS-V10


1) Built-in 4*1 video matrix switcher(2*1 distributor),6*1 audio converter. video,  bandwidth up to 250MHz

2) Built-in 3*1 VGA matrix switcher(2*1 distributor), bandwidth up to 360MHz

3) Programmable control interface RS-232

4) Built-in electrical screen control, projector time delay power supply, equipment power supply control, port of electric lock

5) Built-in professional digital controlling module for volume and tone

6) Adopt the latest TCP/IP working module, two-way control mode, exact information feedback (only network edition)

7) Embedded IR learning function, unnecessary for learning machine, 128 numbers memorizer which is more easily using and reliable storing.

8) Support Window9x/2000/WINXP operation system completely

9) Compatible with school network system through the computer of main unit, can be highly integrated with the teaching terminal of multimedia to build up a teaching environment with complete in functionality.

10) Through TCP/IP network adapter and control software(all needs to purchase),it is able to integrated control several control main units by the computer, convenient for management.(network edition only)

11) Ways of control: 39 or 13 keys panel, programmable touch screen.

12) With IC card reader control function(needs customization).