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  • Product Name: Central Control Kits
  • Model No.: SMART VGA1601-A

   This kits is suitable for the conference room which it is only one large screen display(The projector or a television) or the same output signal although they are several, especially suitable for the conference room that need to access the multiplexer VGA notebook signal on the table. This kits including the fast switching function of the big screen switch, signal source select, motorized lift/Electric screen up&down, 16 channel PC signal (including audio), meanwhile, put the comment control button on the central control unit, the users can take the comment control action on the panel directly. What’s more, the PC signal can be displayed on the big screen when you press the signal switch shortcut on the intelligent socket. This system also can be controlled by touch screen.

   The system are popular with its convenience, reliable, cost-effective.

System Composition



Power administrator

I/O-232 convertor

Receptacle panel











16 pcs at most

installation site

equipment cabinet

equipment cabinet

equipment cabinet


Note: POWER-902 can connect several POWER-801B, control more device power supply

1、SMART VGA1601-A central controller
   SMART VGA1601-A built-in 1 road programmable RS232 interface which is able to control all the external equipment(including the third one), 1 road SR-NET interface which is able to connect with the input/output equipment, such as touch screen, power supply controller, integrated power manager etc. With the16*1 VGA matrix switcher (including VGA video) which is able to connect with 16 roads of computer signal and video signal, also can switch to output channel synchronous or asynchronous. To switch the computer signals to projector and other display terminal by one key can be achieved if match with R160 converter and SMT-1B/SMT-1C intelligent receptacle panel, the corresponding computer audio signal will be switched to audio processor (such as mixer, amplifier etc.).

   Front panel has signal switch keys and LED state indicated light, even has projector system control keys. With RS232 control communication interface which can be using with PC, remote control system or kinds of remote control equipment (such as programmable central control system).


SMART VGA1601-A parameters

1) 1 programmable RS232 interface, control code can be filled, added, deleted by the programmable interface.

2) 1 SR-NET communication interface, control equipment can be connected more than 5 sets.

3) 16 channels VGA switch input, 1 channel output, band with up to 360M.

4) 16 channels of audio switch input, 1 channel output, with balanced/unbalanced output function

5) Front panel has control keys(including on/off for projector, select for signal, electric screen’s up, down and stop, hanger’s up, down and stop) and LED state indicated light.

6) Wide voltage general power supply design(110V-240V).

7) Power supply with PIU management mode, digital electric circuit protection, CPU protection.

8) Adopt the international popular SMT technical and programmable logical electric circuit which can assure the fast working and steady operation.

9) Adopt the main front panel control method, support the wireless touch screen, wire touch screen, computer software, network management etc. controlling methods.


2、POWER-902 Integrated Power Controller

1) Built-in 4 channels AC/220V/10A high power

2) 1 channel AC/220V/10A projector power administration

3) 2 sets motorized lift control relay.

4) 2 sets electric screen up&down

5) With LED on front panel, it is able to see the work status clearly.

6) Emergency control switch for power sequencer power and projector administrate power.(no  sequence and time delay function)

7) SR-NET control circuit port.

8) It is able to use with many pieces of POWER-801B(max 99)

9) Operated manually, and also supports the centralized control 



3、I/O-RS232 protocol converter R160N

R160 is I/O-RS232 protocol converter which usually used with SMT-1B and SMT-1C. Each SMT-1B and SMT-1C connect with R160 by a double shield wire, each R160 can connect SMT-1B and SMT-1C with 16 numbers maximum. The PC signal can be switched immediately to the terminal such as projector when you press the signal switch shortcut on the intelligent socket.

R160 has a one-way output interface RS232 which user can type 16 sets of standard RS232 control code to control the equipment on interface of RS232(such as VGA matrix switcher, central control main unit etc)

When R160 converter used with intelligent receptacle and VGA matrix switcher, user only need to press the shortcut key on receptacle to transfer the signal from computer to projector.

When R160 converter used with SMT-1 and programmable central control, it is able to achieve the function of pressing one key on intelligent receptacle and control several equipment after program the system.


Product Parameter

Input: 16 on/off input

Output: 1 RS232 interface

Power supply: DC24V(can supply from PRO AV2+)

Controlling code: standard RS232 (be able to type according to the equipment)

Code’s set number: 16

Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/115200 Bit optional

Parity bit: E/O/N optional

Data bit: 8

Stop bit: 1


4 Table hidden type receptacle panel SMT-1B/SMT-1C

     This system receptacle is used in AV system on table to connect with laptop, use with central controller, matrix switcher, can rapidly switch the signal to screen. It is able to transmit the VGA signal to projector once the user press the red shortcut key on the receptacle. RJ45 port can achieve wired internet, receptacle can supply power for laptop, mobile phone and so on.
     This product adopts all aluminum wire drawing panel, install in the conference table or chairman platform, tidy and easy.






power supply interface*1, VGA*1, 3.5 audio *1, RJ45*2, shortcut key for signal switching *1

Same with left, but has CANNON receptacle *1


it is able to transmit the VGA signal to projector once the user press the red shortcut key on the receptacle

Desktop hole dimension:165*121mm