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  • Product Name: Paperless Conference System
  • Model No.: Ultrathin lift paperless system


Ultrathin design: 80mm

With 17.3’’ (S-Touch173)/15.6’’(S-Touch156) HD touch panel, resolution is 1920*1080, thickness is 9mm

Support 10 points touch control

Angle of elevation is 13°

Aluminium panel size is 530*80*4mm, crate size(not include panel) 506*75*546mm

Adopts linear bearing three track chain transmission method, the Japanese original silent special motor, transmission fluid

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

LCD screen can supply power automatically and power off protection

Support central control series port control, remote control or manual control

Dustproof and waterproof, automatic doors function

Paperless client software permission(with hardware)

Sign in: participants use password or QR code to sign in.

Meeting information: show the sign in status of participants, meeting details and topics.

File encryption: all the files upload to server will be changed the format to secret DTQ format.

Meeting document: all the files will update immediately, and will show the topics and files that they have permission to read, format support PPT, DOC, XLS, DOCX, PPTX, PDF, PNG, JPG, TXT.

Meeting video: display video files.

Meeting notice: immediately broadcast several meeting notice.

Calling service: calling details will send to specific mobile phone or PC service staff.

Meeting secretary: support synchronous authorization of permission/reject and Assist the participants to push synchronously. Forced synchronization, voting process management(start, stop, finish, release result), force participants to sign in, deal with calling service, control video synchronization.

Ordinary participant: have permission to read the files about meeting topic, apply file synchronization, support asynchronously reading.

File notation: support to annotation in files, select color and size of brush, annotated file will be saved automatically.

Same screen method: during reading or annotation, it support to apply same screen as meeting secretary or toastmaster mode. It adopts DTQ technology, touch screen tracking technology and touch screen trajectory simulation technology to achieve same screen, the total flow of downlink uplink is less than 1K/s.

Voting: single chaise, multiple choice, real-name voting, closed voting; agree, objection, waiver.

Scoring statistics: setting scoring choice, the highest score.

Calling service: calling service staff, drinking, paper and pen, and customized content.  

Support client terminal to start synchronous operation, image will show synchronously to the big screen and projector.

Computer configuration: Android 4.42/Quad-core 1.6/1G memory/8G hard disk.


Paperless server software

Meeting preparation

Home page Editing: edit the home page

Seats setting: set the devices, seating arrangement, manual drag the sorting.

Role setting: create meeting manager, meeting secretary, participant, create customized user group, personal management.

Attendance management: real-time checking, download sign-in form of all the participants.

Meeting setting: create some meeting details.

File management: documents upload and convert automatically, batch upload meeting files, set the reading authority.

Voting management: create voting topics, make the setting with real name voting, single choice or multiple choice, scoring statistics.

Meeting type: security conference or normal conference. Normal conference will file automatically; security conference will empty automatically.

Management page: administrator sets the management authority in management page.


After meeting

Sign off: meeting secretary control and force all the participants to sign off.

Download data: download all the meeting data, annotate the data.

Meeting searching: can search the meeting record based on meeting date and topic.

Management backstage: preset several meeting, start immediately, stop, end the meeting.

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