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Intelligent Conference Specialist -SUNTRON Attend Guangzhou Prolight+Sound

Date:2016-6-12 10:41

The 9th Guangzhou Prolight+sound was held in China Import & Export Fair Complex at 9th - 12th March, 2011.SUNTRON was attended as invitation.


In this exhibition, SUNTRON displays discussion conference system, discussion tracking conference system, discussion tracking voting conference system; intelligent conference system; audio processor etc. What is more, most of them are studied and developed by SUNTRON itself. 

SUNTRONs intelligent conference system is a nice partner with remote video conference system, they can connect well by seamless joint. The pictures and voice can be sent to remote conference rooms by internet which will make participants in different place have meetings face-to-face.

Nowadays, SUNTRON has become a professional supplier for conference equipment, including central control system, conference system, matrix switcher, audio system, AV peripheral products. Product quality is the based demand in SUNTRON.

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