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SUNTRON Gained 3 Awards from Projector Time

Date:2016年6月8日 11:00

Recently, Projector Time held a selecting activity for those that who do well in big screen from 2009 to 2010. Awards include Annual Excellent brand, Innovative Product and Special Contributor for Integrated Solution. 

In this selecting activity, SUNTRON gained Excellent award for Image processor & Conference system; CCS-V33 programmable central control main unit gained Innovation Awards of signal processors.

1. Audio conference system: discussion conference system, discussion&tracking conference system, discussion/tracking/voting conference system, IR simultaneous interpretation system, wireless voting system etc.




  SUNTRONs audio conference system is good for its excellent acoustic, long pick-up distance and feedback control. It is a good choice to the project engineers and users. SUNTRONs conference system is a good partner to video conferencing system.

2. Matrix switcher: 4CH/8CH/16CH series AV switcher, 4CH/8CH/16CH series VGA switcher, 16CH series RGB switcher etc.

3. Intelligent central control system: all-in-one integrated education central controller, split type electrified education central controller, programmable central controller etc.

4. AV peripheral products: programmable power controller, programmable dimmer, programmable volume controller, control panel, multifunctional socket, protocol converter etc. Programmable power controller and dimmer can work without central controller.

5. Big screen splicing system: TXA series image processor, TXB series image processor

6.  Sound system and peripheral products: DPA series professional power amplifier; DPP series power amplifier, MX professional audio mixer, VF series speaker, HCS coaxial series speaker, MS conference use series speaker; WM series wireless microphones.

7. AV engineer accessories: ES-100 series projector lift, S-LCD15/S-LCD17 LCD monitor lift.

SUNTRONs products are widely used in intelligent conference system, multi-functional conference hall, conference center, training center etc. SUNTRON developed based on technology and quality first, gain a lot of trust and good reputation from the clients.

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