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Indian Hotel Project

Date:2016年7月5日 14:39

1.) The explanation for the solution:

Why do we use array speaker not ceiling speaker in your boardroom.
 Ceiling speaker contain professional ceiling speaker and broadcast ceiling speaker.
The power of Professional ceiling speaker is strong (it is not as strong as professional speaker, in addition, if the power of ceiling speaker is too strong, it will caused shake in the ceiling), so it used in the small boardroom, or anomalistic shape small or middle boardroom, sometimes it also can use in middle boardroom to compensate sound in the back of the boardroom, and also require the height of the boardroom is moderate, ( if too high, the sound pressure is not enough, if too low, it will have howling), For big and high boardroom, the power and sound range is not enough, so it is not suitable to use professional ceiling speaker.
If your boardroom use ceiling speaker, should use strong power ceiling speaker, the price is high, and each room need 40-60 pieces, so 120-180 in total, and the effect is not very good.
On the other hand, there is chairman platform in your boardroom, such boardroom need sound have direction. ( For example, if somebody speak in chairman platform, the audience can distinguish that the sound come from chairman platform), so it is not suitable to use ceiling speaker, should use professional speaker. What is more, your boardroom need to separate big boardroom into three small boardroom, and use each room separately, also integrate three or two into one, if use normal professional speaker, should use many speakers, it is difficult to control and the price is high.
All in all, we choose array speakers, ( add strong power speaker together): Array speakers have the trait: strong power, long sound range, adjustable angle( and adjust the sound), so make sure that achieve the function by least quantity and cost, simple and convenient control way. Also make sure the sound is the same in each place of the convention center. At the same time, we only install speaker in the front of the boardroom, so we will not destroy the decorate environment, and keep the decorate style. 

2. ) Array speaker can assure that the sound is the same as each place in the convention center, we use the following map to explain:

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