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Auditorium Project In Jordan

Date:2016年7月5日 14:36

One auditorium in Jordan use our discussion system, it contain 383 pieces delegate units, also use our IR interpretation conference system, contain 490 receivers.


confernece system equipment list for auditorium
NO. Name Model Function Description Quantity Remark
E-16.1.Audio Conference SYSTEM  
E-16.1.1 Control main unit SUNTRON ACS900MA Limit function: modes selection of "1", "2", "3", "5"or "all open" are available,  3  
Expanded unit   Expanded unit 9  
E-16.1.2 Delegate unit SUNTRON ACS550D Portable Delegate unit 4  
E-16.1.3 Chairman unit SUNTRON ACS600C Turn on at any time, with chairman priority function 1  
E-16.1.4 Delegate unit SUNTRON ACS600D Flush-mounting Delegate unit 383  
E-16.1.6 Expanded line   Special 8 core 500  
E-16.1.7 connector   Special 8 core, one mail and one femail 16  
E-16.2.Infra-red simulanteous translation system  
E-16.2.1 simultaneous interpretation main unit SUNTRON ACS800M 1+3 channels 1  
E-16.2.2 Interpreter unit SUNTRON ACS800T 1+3 channels 3  
E-16.2.3  IR digital main unit SUNTRON ACS400DHM LED display、1+3channels、conference mode、casual mode、urgent mode、four channels radiator output 1  
E-16.2.4  IR digital radiator SUNTRON ACS400DH LED display、1+3 channels、15W transmit power、50m radiator straight line distance、vertical 90°radiator angle  10  
E-16.2.5  IR digital receiver SUNTRON ACS400DR CD class sound quality、LCD display、1+3 channels、receive included angle 120°  、 power off if no signal,stereo earphone output 490  
E-16.2.6  ear cover earphone    For interpreter unit(with microphone) 3  
E-16.2.7  single ear hook headphone    IR receiver and conference unit use 1  
E-16.2.8 cable    75ohm,25m    
E-16.2.9  IR radiator stand        
E-16.2.10  IR receiver charging case SUNTRON ACS-CH7200 IR receiver charging,can charge for 72 receivers 7  


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