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6 Level Competition in KTV Industry

Date:2016年6月13日 17:33

For KTV entertainment industry, competition can be from all directions, internet intervention has made the industry leaders by surprise. Therefore,  in the adjustment phase cloth soldiers need more keen to capture the essence of the Internet thinking, it's like water molecules, after exposure can be derived from numerous bodies of water molecules, not only in the business need into a chain link pattern, more importantly, when all KTV gradually added to the ranks of the Internet, the operators are still in the in a highly competitive environment. Because the Internet provides only a link to the platform, but how to be better for their own use but also the KTV industry experts is how to do the development of wisdom. The Internet is a port when the port entered the main structure of high quality and still run smoothly also depends on the body structure itself --KTV own internal hardware and software.

 There are 6 levels for KTV development

1) First level : no competition.

2) Second level: hardware competition.

3) Service competition.

4) Management competition.

5) Brand competition.

6) Integration competition

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