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Video Conferencing become Popular in Education

Date:2016年6月13日 15:48

As the “Internet+”going, network application is more and more popular, including in Educational industry. Video conference system, as the representative tool of network informationization, it has been the indispensable part for network education. And now, “internet+education” has become the trend in education industry.Remote education is the classical mode in “internet+education”, it can avoid geographic and timing restrictions. It does a great help for Chinese education, as China is lack of educational resource. 


However, under “internet+education” mode, network effects education not only by remote education, but also for school management. In fact, video conference system not only use between teachers and students, but also convenient for teacher and parents communication. And it can connect with security system, digital signs system etc. All it can do is to set up a informationization educational mode.

 To the video conference manufacturer, expanding the market percentage becomes the trend and main point to promote performance. For example, In the third quarter earnings report of AVCOM, it tells that the main income increase is from smart city and online class.


All things beneficial to have disadvantages. Videoconferencing applications in education business not only offers a wide increase space, but also has a higher request for solution and technology.   Until now, the core technology of video conferencing has become mature, and there are many similar products on the market. Therefore, to meet the education industry increasingly diverse application requirements, it is a test for enterprises innovation ability.    

The current video conferencing industry, comprehensive service provider transformation has become the consensus of companies in the sector, and for the expansion of the education market, it is highly cater to this industry trends. It is foreseeable that, in order to promote the application of the education sector as an opportunity to change the video conferencing industry will further accelerate, in the process, survival of the fittest is inevitable, for the enterprise, can be described as both opportunities and challenges.

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