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Market Reviews:not all the Display is Suitable for Control Room

Date:2016年6月13日 15:48

How will you choose video wall product?

Somebody do a survey for this question in 2015. There are 342 clients participated in the survey, 35.9% of them said that when select display products mainly consider the the application scenes. And 60.8% think that the display effect will be most important.


Then as the high level market of video wall, how to choose display product for control room?

How to define video wall application in control room?

Control room includes command center, dispatching center, monitor center etc., which integrates communication, information processing etc. advanced technology. It is the center to make decision, deal with something emergency, daily task management. Control room is the core.

In the modern and smart control room, operator has to face a lot of information, and deal with it. Then, all the data collection and show at the video wall will do a great help for the operators.

Multiple signal input, detail displaying, long working time etc. are important for control center video wall.


How to choose control room video wall?

First of all, the video wall must support all kinds of video signal, like RGB/network, and can show and control the signal flexibly. Nowadays, DLP screen is most suitable and popular for control system.

Secondary, based on its displaying effect.

1) gap between screens. DLP product can do 0.5mm gaps between screens which occupy the control room video wall market most.

2) resolution. Resolution decides the sharpness and clarity. DLP and LCD screens can have high resolution, almost all of them can reach 2K resolution for each screen.

3) Picture quality. DLP screen has excellent color performance. It is suitable for indoor watching for a long time. Therefore, it is suitable for control room use. LCD also has the good performance in displaying, but brightness reduction and heterochromia after long time using.

4) stability. DLP and LCD is much stable than LED. And LED is easy to be effected by environment.

5) Working lifetime. DLP and LED can work for a long time, even reach 100,000 hours. But LCD is only about 50,000 ~ 60,000 hours.


The suitable one will be the best.

Large screen display in different technologies have their own applications. DLP has the long-term stability of the high-end customer base command center for its core strengths. LCD is slim, stylish, and costs are coming down, which makes it become popular in security, conference rooms, LCD digital signage.

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