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Video Conference System+Education=Online Education

Date:2016年6月13日 17:53

In recent years, technology is more and more advanced, which makes people’s life more and more convenient and do a great help in education. People can learn more knowledge conveniently. But, what the benefit does video conference system do for education?

1) Remote education: the teacher can teach many students in the same time from different places. The teacher can have lesson with the students face-to-face through network, and interaction, quiz etc., are supported. And the study data, blackboard-writing also can share with the students. And the content can be recorded by the automatically by the video conference system.

2) Training: remote training can be organized regularly to the teachers, which will improve the teaching level. No matter where the teacher is, they can attend the training through video conference system.

3) Academic communication: teachers can communicate their question or share their experience. They can share different files and their screens, also make the electronic voting.

4) Education management: it is convenient for teachers to communicate with students’ parents.

 What is more, video conference system can be used for meetings. Then the meeting participants can save the shipping time.

In a word, video conference system do a great help to the education area.

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