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Intelligent Building of PA System Composition and Development

Date:2016年6月13日 15:11

PA system as a tool for information spread,it is a mature industry with so many years development, no matter product technology or product function.

Recently years, as informatization of cooperation, organization, school, hospital... become faster, more and more PA products from internet or multimedia use in this industries, its application had a great change. CCTV, wide band, multimedia computer etc.has been widely use. And it becomes better under the widely use.

PA system is a important part of intelligent building in 21th century. Peoples demands more for working and living environment, it becomes a promotion for PA system development. And the computer technology, network communication technology offers the technological base.


Broadcast intercom system in intelligent building

Broadcast intercom system are mainly used in intelligence community, anti-theft alarm, building automation can be as intercom, CCTV, radio, audio, and remote meter reading systems engineering cable.

Broadcast intercom system in intelligent building integrates Microcomputer technology, video monitor technology, digital communication technology. The system includes control main unit, residence point main unit etc. Therefore, Residential Property Management Center and household users can achieve bi-directional broadcast intercom, residential sub-unit number and the host family residential household bi-directional broadcast intercom.

Broadcast intercom system Components & Equipment Configuration

Its feature is that no inner internet communication between families. Therefore normal Ethernet is not suitable for connected broadcast intercom system.

A "smart building broadcast intercom system," each user must have a separate VLAN port, inner network and each housing inside are not allowed to exchange ports.

All network equipment - routers, Ethernet switches and collector system must be compatible with, safe, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and must follow IEEE802.3 international Ethernet standard.

"Housing region public broadcast system", includes the walkie-talkie, controllers, displays, converters, audio amplifier, power modules, power distribution, and many other components of the system consisting of the wire.

Vigorous economic development, the flow of visitors and frequent personnel, making social security has become more complex. How to ensure that housing residents unit number living convenience and security, and to improve "housing region public broadcast system" function, to meet the needs housing unit number of residents, the "housing region public broadcast system" more perfect, which has become the industry, generally a topic of interest. "Housing region public broadcast system" is also widely used in many industry service performance window - securities, post offices, railway stations, payment stations, insurance companies, industry and commerce, ticket offices, hospitals and other places. Let us work together to create a human life to make a better environment.

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