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How to Break Ice of Internet + Entertainment Equipment Industry

Date:2016年6月13日 16:32
Traditional labor-intensive industries relying on e-commerce development, some industries has do as "phoenix nirvana", performing arts industry in e-commerce  business has been hovering.
Guangzhou stage lighting industry association responsible person believes that enterprises in the industry to grow and develop, on the one hand the need to promote mining in the pre-boot itself needs, system design, installation and training of quality supervision after installation and maintenance content services core competitive advantages, on the other hand, e-commerce business model has gradually become the mainstream of the global wave, how to seize this golden opportunity information, and gradually expand their business, seeking to "offline" to "online" new idea business model transformation, further reducing the cost of management, improve the comprehensive competitiveness, it will also become a breakthrough in the development of enterprises to the deep.
After analysis the condictions of AV industry e-commerce, we can see that although product value increase 20% average,   
Superficial & conceptualization application come apart with core business. Entertainment product mainly focus on information stream in e-commerce. Many companies are having a conscious application of e-commerce, however, on the one hand due to the characteristics of the industry itself, so the extent of the application of e-commerce in the industry is difficult to catch up with some of standardized products; on the other hand, the company's e-commerce No applications and business processes, closely integrated core competitiveness, most companies believe that e-commerce applications in the industry is just to create a website to publish business information. Another problem facing the industry is the lack of knowledge with information technology and knowledge management talents.
Lack of talents is the main difficulty in professional audio visual industry.
On professional lighting and sound equipment project, once confirm the engineering design solution, supplier offers mostly standardized and familiar professional equipment to users. So, the entertainment industry products can only be applied in a number of e-commerce business processes, and for the design, delivery and other processes, limited to the current level of technology, more suitable for traditional business approach.

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