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2015 How to Break the Development Bottleneck of AV Industry?

Date:2016年6月13日 17:44

Entered in April, the entire professional audio and lighting industry becoming busy, there are several large industry professional exhibitions. Although take part in exhibition is tired, many companies and distributors still insist on participating, especially the two exhibitions in Guangzhou, it is a rare opportunity to communicate with other professional person.

According to statistical data of show organizer, the two exhibitions in Guangzhou attracted about 120,000 visitors, the quantity is increased than last year. While everyone talks about that it is hard to do in AV industry this a few years, you still can see that this industry is still very hot.     

One of the most noteworthy is that, Enping as "China microphone base", change the exhibiton place to Guangzhou  from 2009, and it has promoted to finish contract for 2823  deals, amount reach to 1.17 billion RMB. Enping enterprises harvested from the point of view in the exhibition, adept at using resources and channels is very important.

However, the outstanding performance of Enping microphone still can not hide the weak market and a decline in audio and video industry in recent years, the bottleneck in the development of business during the wars in the beginning of the market segments. Education, health care, home theater, professional cinema speakers and other industries previously only said that the entertainment equipment industry "small market", now in the market share of the share has become more and more "big" for these segments are new technology and new product development are emerging in this year's exhibition can clearly feel, professional audio and lighting manufacturers have made their products more "fine", before "a sound walk the world," the practice has been not apply Today, the market development.

"User thinking" is one of the hottest commercial thoughts words, sound and lighting industry seems to have started to really pay attention to this word and practice from the bottleneck period. The sound and visual user experience is the most direct, in order not to be eliminated to achieve development? It go to please your users.

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