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SUNTRON Tells You How to Distinguish Video Conference System

Date:2016年6月13日 16:55

Convenient video conferencing, safe, reliable, low-carbon environment has been recognized by all walks of lines, video conferencing for the enterprise to manage the office meeting, visualization emergency command and training brings a particularly important convenience, images, documents, presentations, collaborative browsing, desktop sharing and other online interaction to achieve the enterprise upload issued visualization of interactive communication, but also to save the business meeting expenses, strengthen enterprise management, reduce communication costs, achieve operational efficiency, green office.

Video conferencing has become a popular trend, what should user pay attention to when selects a video conferencing system?

1) stable, safety and reliable

Video system is a strong real-time systems, and it has high demand for information protection at the same time. Therefore, the system must be stable, safe, reliable operation, it is the basic requirement.

2) Excellent product quality

Participants' interest and attention is effected by 2 factors: one is visual infection of environment which  can stimulate the inner feelings of the participants, or passionate speeches or lectures enthusiasm; the other is the voice human attractiveness, good sound quality can be improved attention of participants, so that participants speech carefully, listen carefully. Therefore, high clear and smooth audio and video conferencing products is necessary.

3) Rich in data collaboration function

Video conferencing should be good at data exchange and have a strong ability to implement desktop sharing, document sharing, web co-browsing, application sharing, whiteboard, file transfer, text chat and other data functions. Nice Videoconferencing adopts advanced XML technology, documents can maintain the original features, such as, PPT document can maintain the original dynamic effects and embedded audio and video characteristics; such issues seminars or training becomes more natural, the better.

4) Network adaption function

Video conferencing systems is designed for the needs of long-distance space and design, so the condition of data communication, determines the quality of the video system is working. On the one hand requires excellent voice quality, audio absolutely continuous, clear images, no mosaic and anomalies; on the other hand the requirements of video and audio data packets can not be too large, should ensure real-time transmission of data, this unity of opposites relationship to the video system We present high standards. Good conference video conference using the original network technology, quality feedback, voice priority, packet loss compensation, automatic features such as frame drop, even in serious cases the network packet loss, can also get a high quality of service (QoS)

5) Compatibility

Video conferencing system needs to have good compatibility, not only its own version upgrade compatibility and product thoroughness, but also the need for capacity and Interconnection other brands of audio and video signals. Good Meeting video conferencing system built-in standard H.323 protocol gateway that mainstream devices communicate with H.323, videoconferencing can be a good meeting with a number of vendors the perfect blend of hardware conferencing products, and has an open integration interface, capable of original enterprise some applications, such as OA, ERP, CRM and other systems can be a good conference call video conferencing systems and services through the interface.

6. Meeting management function

Video conferencing system is a shared platform, it must be done a few minutes to allow the user to use the conferencing tools, not just to the system of professional and technical personnel, so the system is easy to use is the development direction of the product. While the system also includes a comprehensive management capabilities, not only capable of meeting management and data are available at the front desk, and data traffic in the background of meetings held and the network to manage and monitor, it can be regarded as a good video conferencing products, good meeting video conferencing system with user authorization, meeting scheduling, e-mail message notification, attendance management, conference management functions; organizational processes support group discussions and master mode, can quickly switch the current spokesman for the role in the course of the meeting, so the meeting orderly ordered; also has a powerful session management background.

SUNTRON gathered a group of rich, vibrant, well-trained high-quality personnel, product development, application systems, technical support and other services in one. Our construction team experienced and skillful, has over ten years of AV system design, construction and project management experience, to provide for partners including AV system solutions, system wiring, equipment installation, commissioning, training, system acceptance, worry-free after-sales service and other train services. With leading technology strength and professional dedication of the corporate operation of the new special-long conference system has become the industry's most influential brand, the Ministry of customers all over the country also drain and international markets, covering public security, government railway, command centers, military units, education, electricity, insurance, finance, chemicals, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, IT, pharmaceuticals, real estate, logistics and so on major industries.

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