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Video conference get into cloud era achieving integration and development in many fields

Date:2016年6月13日 17:32

In this technologically advanced era of cloud, video conferencing has long been widely use. Many enterprises and government departments have spent a lot to buy high-definition video conferencing systems and related technical support, the establishment of special communications network, in order to ensure meeting the desired effect. Most companies use a public communications network to communicate


Although the hardware video conferencing systems can be far apart to connect multiple meeting rooms, so that participants can communication face-to-face, conferences in different parts of the extremely rich and easy to use, this can only make meeting the limitations on the hardware device can not be achieved and the share exchange effective modern management and office needs anytime, anywhere.


With the rapid rise of cloud computing, video conferencing also entered the cloud era, to achieve "cloud the meeting." The biggest advantage of cloud infrastructure conference is that the group adopted a wide range of high-density deployment platform to achieve cloud services, allowing users to enjoy more freedom, without restriction, by means of the cloud anytime, anywhere, quickly and efficiently for video conferencing.


We know cloud computing is an emerging computing business model. The use of high-speed Internet transmission capacity, and powerful storage capacity, the process of transferring data to the Internet computer group.


Video conferencing systems by means of cloud computing converged network video conferencing and collaboration capabilities related to the whiteboard, document sharing, etc., to solve the problem of integration of voice transmission, making the cloud more and more suitable for the use of conference business collaboration between enterprises, and such video conferencing system has been used in many remote areas of training and education, business management and have good results.

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