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Edge Fusion Splicing Technology Compared with Big Screen

Date:2016年6月13日 18:04

Large screen display system is now been widely used in telecommunications, electricity, military command and other agencies, is becoming increasingly broad range of applications, its market demand is also growing. But apply which technology application will make the best products, there are still some controversy in the industry. Edge fusion technology and large-screen display technology is used more often in production technology

Edge fusion technology is a set of projector projected images overlap edge, and through the integration technology exhibits a gap no more bright, large, high-resolution whole picture, the effect of the screen is a projector projection screen. Edge Blending technology and large-screen display technology also makes the display unit are breaking the limitations of screen size, and can achieve full screen or split screen display, edge blending can be fully realized picture seamless effect. Despite the large screen splicing technology more or less will have some splicing gap, but according to the specific use of the environment, the gap can also produce some negligible. According to the practical application of environmental selecting the right technology

On the use of the environment, the environment in indoor venues, the use of edge fusion technology out of the picture displayed in the visual effect will be even better. And more suitable for outdoor large-screen display technology, edge fusion technology used in the projector to the environmental requirements are more higher in strong outdoor light, the display screen is not as good as out of the mosaic screen clearly.

From time up points, mosaic screen can be used longer time, support 7 * 24 uninterrupted use, is more conducive to the application in the monitoring center, and edge blending using the projector's lamp will not support the use of continuous day and night otherwise, there will be a large increase in operating costs.

From a cost point of view, the use of edge fusion splicing screen technology than to omit a considerable part of the cost, in the same external environment, the edge of fusion technology cost will be much higher, these factors are also making more and more users prefer using edge blending.

Mosaic screen has excellent performance and reasonable prices, so in domestic and foreign markets have been widely welcomed. Which has up to 50,000 to 80,000 hours of life, stable system, low maintenance costs, is the most cost-effective large-screen display system.  

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