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Video Conference System is the Promotion of Communication Industry

Date:2016年6月13日 16:10

According to IDC report, Chinese communication market scale in 2012 is USD 1.88 billions, year-on-year growth is 7.9%. It is the first time that increase rate is lower than 10% in recently years. But video conference system’s market scale keeps increased which increase USD 0.37billion, year-on-year growth is 12.4%, much higher than expected. As IDC predicted, video conference system will keep increase in the next 5 years.

In an investigation, video conference system is the second favorite communication product of enterprise users. And more than 60% enterprise had purchased video conference system, and more than 25% user told that they will increase investment in 2013.

As cost of wide band coming down, cost of video conference system will cut down and its market scale will increase faster. What is more, software type video conference system will increase fastest.

Future communication will be more visual, video conferencing such a product and services will become an important factor in the future development of the next generation of technology will affect future years. Such a means of communication not only for business but also for individual customers, so the video conferencing products will be a major driver of future communications market.

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