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Intelligent control to lead the Information Society forward quickly

Date:2016年6月13日 14:25

Intelligent control, by definition is the intelligent convergence of various types of audio-visual equipment, and even projection equipment conferencing systems integration in the integrated control system. With intelligent, integrated control integration features gradually become the mainstream of the digital age. Especially with the continuous development of society, the exchange of information and communication more frequently, integrated control system only intelligent integration of control can only play a role in the overall coordination of the total in the information society. Then how will the control system effects the information society?


The control system refers to all kinds of sound equipment, electrical, optical and other centralized control device, which is applied to multimedia classrooms, multi-purpose conference rooms, command and control centers, intelligent home, etc., the user can push-button control panel, computer monitor , touch screen and wireless remote control equipment, computer software and a central control system to control the projector, Showcase, DVD player, VCR, deck, amplifier, microphone, computer, laptop, electric screen, electric curtains, lighting and other equipment. When the central to several independent central control system connected to each other, could constitute network control system, can achieve resource sharing, audio and video pass each other and mutual monitoring. Cooperative control computers, DVD players, VCRs, video booth and other modern audio-visual equipment, and centralized control electric curtains, lights, curtains and other equipment, big screen projection, creating a high-definition, high-fidelity, controlled sound and light modern multimedia background audio-visual teaching environment. For schools teaching multimedia courseware teaching, lectures, reports, presentations and the like. Thus, the intelligent control system in many areas, whether current business meetings, education or industry also dispatching, etc., are all showing powerful integrated intelligent applications.


Intelligent central controller in family


If the technology is derived from the creative life, its ultimate purpose is for people's work and life, then in the control system in life is how exactly reflect its intelligence and ease it?


The past two years, the entire real estate industry can be described as intelligent home and even in the home market set off a wave of applications, from 2012 out of the real estate downturn, the majority of the real estate business in order to reproduce the past sales myth, began ruthless in house decoration in work hard, and the technology-based real estate housing has become a calling card, the use of the concept of smart home life convenient, to create a batch of top-level science and technology real estate and residential. Smart Home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring, network communication technology, smart home - security system design technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be integrated facilities relating to home life, build efficient residential facilities and family schedule transaction management system to improve home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment.


Just after the application of smart home, perfect day will show the following screen: First, the early morning wake up, breakfast fragrance just ready; just to take the edge of the bed, then slowly open the curtains; gently bayan, the door will be Door automatically give way; leave the room, do not worry about forgetting to turn off the lights completely lock the door; into the kitchen, you can still watch TV or not to be missed along with the music and enjoy leisurely semiautomatic cooking fun; the comfort of their living room, a key can be remote-fi, television and computers; even outside the home, through mobile phones, computers still can clearly know the condition of the home; the way home, you can advance to open the home air conditioning and water heaters; with Magnetic or infrared sensors, the system will automatically open the aisle lights, and open electronic door locks, and so on, so humane, intelligent and convenient life, no longer appeared only in science fiction films futurists among intelligent smart home has entered everyday life, fully outline a touch blueprint.


The control system in the country Development Analysis


As we all know, with the escalation of the control system and its application in the field of technology continues to expand, it had simply applied to the conference system and Command and Control System market has long been satisfied with the development needs of the industry, for which, from a technical, product lines and even market have carried out a radical reform, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and sophisticated application solutions, and in accordance with domestic demand in order to tailor the Chinese market a good product and the best solution.

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