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Talking about the Development Prospects of Video Conferencing System Lease

Date:2016年6月13日 15:54

According to reports show that in recent years, in order to adapt to market changes, many small and medium enterprises become a network of video conferencing industry to use the major groups, video conferencing systems package purchase will become an economic burden. So the network video conferencing industry dominated by a single sales, the development of sales and leasing two business models simultaneously. This change to meet the diverse needs of customers, but also for network video conferencing software manufacturers to develop new business channels. Chen Electronics videoconferencing lease, the more the cheaper price point, do not need to maintain the system, manufacturers on a regular basis to upgrade the system maintenance. According to the timing information "2012--2013 China's video conference market opportunities and trends research report" analysis, network video conferencing rental business increased year by year, although still in development stage, but huge room for future development

Economic downturn impact on enterprise information technology projects. Due to the impact of the economic downturn, the company's pocketbook tightened for investment projects have been postponed or canceled, particularly those of small business productivity impact of the project, such as information technology projects. As far as I know, there are a lot of entities, some information technology projects have been identified and stopped, postponed indefinitely. Under the influence of this economic background, the software companies are as the market changes and adjust their business models, such as: SAAS mode, the software rental model and so on. Especially those developed generic class software companies, such as: OA, CRM, multimedia communication network like video conferencing manufacturers


Leasing in Software Industry Become a New Business Mode


SAAS mode provides free software to charge a service fee, this concept is more popular in recent years, but its development has been flat, may be affected. "There is no free lunch," the impact of this concept of it, and therefore not ideal. Software rental model, the software is generally leased to customers, providing services free of charge, charge a rental fee. Or software manufacturers will be a good platform to build software, users pay the rental fee can be opened to use. This model because companies need to invest, want to rent, then you can not surrender, there is no project risks, businesses are more likely to accept, and thus become more dynamic, in recent years has also been rapid development


1. Network video conferencing software leasing becomes a new force in leasing industry

Network video conferencing software is a set of voice, video, data and other functions in one multimedia communications software which is for communication between enterprise branch provides a convenient and efficient platform. As long as a computer with internet access, coupled with a camera and a headset, you can log onto the network a virtual meeting room, anytime, anywhere to attend meetings and training, flexible, and low cost. In recent years, enterprises in the information technology has been a great concern. In recent years, along with the network of video conferencing rental number of users increases, to varying degrees, many manufacturers launched an online video rental business meeting, and some set up an independent department for operational leasing, and even played rental brands 3Gmeeting, and some telecom operators , IDC business as well as training and education institutions have also launched a video conferencing network as the core of multimedia interactive communication platform


2. Urgent needs of customers production and management

Informatization investment has been cut down by enterprise, but business between branches of the daily business meetings and training is still necessary, especially those cross-regional or even transnational business enterprise, not only in the face of rising travel costs, rental of video conferencing network to achieve enterprise remote teleconferencing and training such a fast and flexible, cost little way, they become the first choice of business leaders. This not only shortens the cycle of conferences, but also to avoid the effects of weather, traffic and other meetings to date


3. Mature business video conferencing network operating platform

After several years of operating leasing services, business video conferencing platform to build a more stable and convenient, but also the diversification of services provided, for example: according to the meeting points lease, the lease in accordance with the frequency of use, in the conference room rental, leasing, and other video conferencing software to meet different customer needs. And operational characteristics for different customers, for customers to make personalized rental program


4. Rental service specification

According to the traditional telecommunications operators operating experience, some video conferencing rental service operators are standardized, etc. has been greatly improved, which gives users great confidence.

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