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Application & Prospect of Next Generation Video Analysis Technology

Date:2016年6月13日 16:25

In the 21st century, public safety has become a hot topic around the world, security monitoring systems have been applied to every corner of society, influence and change people's lives.

Internet, 3G wireless communications and the rapid development of intelligent multimedia processing technology for network-based intelligent video surveillance system developed to provide strong support. Today, video surveillance systems are increasingly widely applied to all aspects of society, in all areas of security, government, banking, education, transportation and other community play an extremely important role. Requirements In China, the video surveillance market is growing rapidly, the various monitoring requirements increasing year by year, the monitoring equipment is also more abundant, people are constantly monitoring system put forward higher and newer

Demand for intelligent video analysis is the inevitable product of post video surveillance to a certain stage, it is a good way to ease the traditional video surveillance massive redundancy problem. As early as 45 years ago, Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd., represented by a group of professional video companies began to explore the early intelligent video analysis technology

After several years of technical research and market development, intelligent video analysis to people who are no longer strangers. Increasing the number of employees, the number of firms rising, technology continues to improve, led to the development of domestic intelligent video industry. Today, in order to monitor subjects for example, the application of its intelligent video analysis technology focused on motion detection, detection of cross-border, regional intrusion detection, dynamic tracking, license plate recognition and other functions


As the saying goes, "seeing is believing", the proportion of visual information in the information related to human activity occupies the largest, but also because of its spatial and structural characteristics it can not be replaced by any other information. Intelligent video surveillance technology from computer vision technology, as a branch of artificial intelligence research, is a new security technology, has broad prospects for development

Intelligent video surveillance technology is the use of computer vision image analysis technology, through the scene in the background and objectives of the separation and then analyze and track the target appears in the camera scene. Intelligent video content analysis capabilities users can, programmable different alarm rules at different camera scenes, once the target has been violated predefined rules of behavior in the scene, the system will automatically alarm, automatic pop-up alarm monitoring workstation and issued a warning sound, the user can click the alarm information to achieve the alarm scene reorganization and take relevant measures.

It is understood, intelligent video analysis technology originated in foreign countries, mainly some initial laboratory and military applications products, but mainly used for counter-terrorism, then gradually move towards industrial and civilian use, mainly used in airports, military, banking, transportation and other places. The technique is just beginning to introduce domestic, almost all foreign products or foreign chip used is not truly their own products. To get out of this situation, in 2005, Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of intelligent analysis technology, and conducted a series of active exploration

Today, Kodak developed intelligent analysis technology by actively sending video, audio and text, and other alarm information to achieve a video surveillance from passive defense to active defense of the revolution, so that monitoring personnel from the tedious operation, the flood of information out and help users more efficient and more precise management control objectives

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