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Clear Video Conference Start from Smooth Network

Date:2016年6月13日 17:35

With the continuous development of science and technology, peoples lives entered the era of network interconnection, we are free to learn all aspects of the news through the network, they can easily master all aspects of information, described as "without leaving, to make known world affairs. " Having said that, the network gives us far more than that. In recent years, due to environmental pollution, declining air quality, serious harm to people's health, rely on the network to run video conferencing system came into being, to a large extent reduce the pressure on the environment. Currently, videoconferencing has been widely used in various industries.

According to the survey analysis, it showed that 70% of humanity through the visual information obtained about the total amount of information, and more types of communication tools available in the market, only the video of the most intuitive and credibility, and therefore embarked on a rapid video technology track development. Today, the scope of application of video technology continues to expand, the demand for increasingly diverse network environments, depending on the network for the purposes of running the video conferencing systems, network environment for the effectiveness of the session has a decisive role. Following small to introduce several network access, users can be combined according to their needs herein by reference.


System based on IP network

For network bandwidth sufficient for small and medium users and individual users, IP-based networks than the best choice. IP network is what we usually refer to the broadband network, the network access method is simple, cheap, are more commonly used. The network in a variety of transmission media, based on the use of TCP / IP protocol as the communication protocol, network through a router, for routing IP packets and switched transmission. Typically, in order to better solve the real-time communication service quality, the use of UDP / IP, RTP, RTCP and RSVP protocols. Currently, used in ADSL, FTTB + LAN and other broadband IP network video conferencing system has reached very good results. However, due to IP-based packet-switched networks to follow the principle of best effort, so the effect of this access way video conferencing with respect to ISDN, DDN and other green worse. Nevertheless, he is still a good price by more and more users of all ages.


Use ATM network

There are lines for the conditions, users with a high quality requirements may recommend using an ATM network. That ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode, which combines the advantages of circuit switching and packet switching, you can send any rate wideband signal can transmit voice, data, image, and video services. It is worth mentioning that the most important feature of this technology is QoS guarantee, high quality images can be output, convenient networking, video conferencing terminals do not need to put all the lines are connected to the MCU, high reliability, if you want to get get good video effects, ATM network is very convenient if, ATM access network is also a good choice. Here we need to remind the user that this program high cost of equipment, and require special ATM network access, users need to be dispatched according to their own conditions, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of money. 


Connect with ISDN line

That ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network, which uses the public telephone network to provide users with end-to-digital channel connection, including for carrying voice and non-voice including a variety of telecommunications services. It uses ISDN line, the ISDN channel transmitting video conferencing, the rate of up to 384kb / s to 2Mb / s. Since the ISDN B channels used by (64kb / s) communicate billing, while domestic rates 1B communication channels equivalent to the ordinary telephone communication rates, so for less traffic, shorter communication time users, the choice of ISDN lower costs, and the national ISDN network is still in the stages of escalation, reliability, and stability with respect to the leased line to be improved.


System by rent DDN special line

Generally speaking, large enterprises often requires higher video effects, then you can choose DDN leased line access, high DDN line transmission quality, network delay is small, the circuit is very reliable and safe network , network convenience. The so-called DDN is the use of a digital channel to transmit data signals data transmission network, its main role is to provide a permanent and semi-permanent connection to the user digital data transmission channel, both for communication between computers, it can also be used to transmit digital fax , digital voice, digital video signals or other digital signal. But for shorter communication time user, this method is not appropriate, because the digital circuit DDN provide for semi-permanent connections, only join a long point and multi-point communications fit, according to the number of point charges, so users cost is too high, so the "distribution network" is crucial to understand their needs.


System connect with satellite   

For terrain environment is complex, remoteness of the mountains, the sea a weak signal area, satellite networks have in the long-distance video conferencing terrestrial networks can not match the performance advantages of its wide restricting the number of coverage, security is good, but the venue construction and relocation flexible. "Satellite broadband video conferencing system" can hold multiple video conference, integrated file transfer and data broadcasting, very easy to use. The only drawback is that this program is expensive, in addition to satellite channel lease charges, each satellite ground station construction cost about 20 million, only for "not bad money" users. At the same time, satellite communications biggest drawback is the delay, could not meet the demanding real-time video conferencing system


Frame relay

Frame Relay technology is a form of WAN communications, mainly for transmitting data traffic, frame relay frames suitable for encapsulating LAN data unit, the transmit burst business. This high network efficiency, network throughput, low latency communication, frame relay user access rate at 64kbit / s to 2Mbit / s, even up to 34Mbit / s. Although the high cost of Frame Relay network, but the video is better, this is called a sub-price goods

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