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Paperless Conference System Becomes more Popular

Date:2016年6月13日 16:40

1. Paperless conference system attend Beijing Infocomm

Paperless conference system is a new conference mode started from 2 years ago. It integrates multiple informatization technologies, intelligent technologies to different segments. It is a practical meeting platform for all the participants and brings different conference experience.

2. Paperless working is the necessary method for modern office

Paperless conference will bring new meeting communication experience to the staff. Its advantages are: first of all, it can help to set up Decision-making consultation information support system, which will do help to make the democratic decision, make the office working standardization. What is more, reduce car use, cut down the traffic pressure and social pressure. And it can help to change government functions, avoiding backstage deal, improve the supervision channels, perfecting supervision means.

3. Paperless conference system is the inevitable result of industry competition

Recently, conference system industry develop very fast, that mean the competition becomes more and more fierce. In order to occupy more marketing shares, the manufactures invest a lot resource into product research and development to meet the market demand. The traditional conference devices cant catch up with the users demand, because its low efficiency, poor strain ability, single form, complicated operation etc. Nowadays, more and more companies mark their products with paperless.

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