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Development Trend of Digital Conference System

Date:2016年6月13日 17:29

In the modern world, people cant have meeting face-to-face since the social fast step and international division of labor. As the network development, it is more and more convenient to have network meeting. We can meet anybody anywhere for any question. Which can replace business trip sometimes. No matter new vision of China Telecom or Treasure vision of China Unicom, it represents a new communication era.

1. Streaming media technology are widely used in digital conference system. Nowadays, streaming media technology and digital conference system are sought after the manufacturers. They are the important parts of video/audio technology.

2. Visual virtual cooperation will become the core function of digital conference system to enterprises. Most international groups and those enterprises with many branches not only use its conference function, but also use for virtual cooperation, such as remote project management, customer service, technology training etc.

3. Moving digital conference system will be more and more popular. Most of the IP digital conference system terminal are PC and TV. As the wireless technology application and WLAN becomes popular, moving digital conference system will get into market.

4. IP digital conference system prompts the market goes forward to low price market. From the communication market, we can see that most of the high end customers are changing to low price market. Because the cost are cutting down and become widely use, scale effect becomes obviously.

Digital conference system is changing the traditional conference mode and bringing revolution. And we believe that as the communication technology and IT develop integrated, it will spill over into all the fields in the social life, become more and more important.

Digital conference system includes discussion conference system, voting conference system, subtitle conference system, IC card sign in system, and camera tracking system etc., to work with management software, it can simplify the system and support extension.

Digital conference system features:

1. Digital: system interior transmission are digital signal, the microphones are adapts analog-digital technology. Many audio device are using analog-digital or digital-analog converter, therefore, external audio device can connect into the digital system through audio media connector

2. Modularity: all the demands for meeting can be combined by selecting the suitable devices through modular. Or connect more multimedia device and control with computer software, then the system can be extended more.

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