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Future Development of Domestic Profession Audio

Date:2016年6月13日 14:10

From 2002 to now, it is the 3rd stage of professional audio development. Recent years, it is more and more competition in professional audio industry. Customers have higher request in brand, technology and product quality, especially in some important projects. Some enterprises who was do well in audio industry are failed. The development trend are becoming obvious, and many companies notice that it will be competition for brand and technology. Only to develop a excellent brand and keep on innovation in technology that it will create higher value.

We can see from the professional audio exhibition that all the manufacturers are increasing investment in brand building. What is more, domestic audio brand have to increase its investment in this part by comparing with foreign brand:

Effected by global economy, made in China was accepted in the international market. Some international enterprises started choosing some powerful factories to do OEM. During this process, the manufacturers not only gain profits, but also get the chance to learn their technology etc, it is a nice way to improve the domestic audio products level.

Some domestic manufacturers own enough capital after long time development.And they get funds by financing, then they are introduction of foreign production line, employ some specialists. From then on, domestic audio factories develop better and better.

What is more, manufacturers notice that study and develop skill is the main factor for company development. Therefore, they increase the investment for study and development, which will do help to build its brand.

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