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China Tower Limited Adopts SUNTRON's System

Date:2016年6月12日 15:32

Guangzhou Tower company is the branch of China Tower, mainly specialized in construction, maintenance, operation of tower/power/machine room etc.. Finally, SUNTRON was chose to be the supplier, because SUNTRON has excellent products (such as conference system, HDMI switcher, feedback suppressor, power sequencer etc.,) and experienced engineers.

Training room 1

Mar. 2016, SUNTRON finished the project, including training room, multimedia conference room etc. Leaders of Guangzhou Tower think highly of SUNTRON’s job. 

To meet the function of training room and multifunction room, we suggest ACS4000M discussion conference system, which meets international standard and can against phone interference with longer pick up distance.


Small conference room 1

Small size conferencr room 2

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