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SUNTRON: Intelligent Conference System Do Help to Enterprise

Date:2016年6月12日 16:30

In modern enterprise, conference began to play an increasingly important role. Meetings are the main forms of modern communication groups, from weekly meeting to monthly meetings, or intra-group annual meeting, even some temporary conferences dealing with a few things. If the sound system in the meeting room is not so nice, staff will be exhausted.

SUNTRON was founded in 1995 located in Guangzhou, we are specialized in AV systems and intelligent audio conference. Products include conference systems, central control system, matrix switcher, audio processor, meeting anti-whistle equipment, professional amplifier card package amplifier, mixer, professional speakers. We own SUNTRON, AVCOM, VCOMTEK, AVFEEL other well-known trademarks and brand names.


In recent years, SUNTRON cooperated with a lot of large institutions based on its excellent quality. This year, SUNTRON help Zhaoqing Railway Police tailored setup a big project, includeing two large multi-purpose conference room audio-visual and multimedia training room. In addition,SUNTRON has professional and technical engineers to construct the entire system, closely linked to each installation step to ensure project quality. With the successful completion of Zhaoqing Railway Police cooperation projects, SUNTRON intelligent conference system greatly improved its product quality and service, which integrates science and technology, human element, in many aspects have done leading industry standards.


SUNTRON has more than ten years experience in production and construction, it is one of the industry's top ten brands, it will follow " development, product innovation, brand management " as a road on the international stage.

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