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Prolight+Sound Shanghai 2012

Date:2016年6月12日 16:57

Prolight+Sound Shanghai 2012 was held at October. It is one of the most professional and largest scale exhibition for audio, light and entertainment technology. SUNTRON take part in this exhibition bringing its excellent products and attracts lots of visitors.

In this exhibition, SUNTRON shows full line products, including conference system, central control system, matrix switcher, audio processor, feedback controller, power amplifier etc.


SUNTRON audio conference system includes: discussion conference system, discussion tracking conference system, discussion tracking voting conference system, IR simultaneous interpretation system. It is excellent for better acoustic, longer pick-up distance, and feedback suppressing function. SUNTRON intelligent camera tracking conference system control the tracking camera by smart remote control, system has built-in software, there is no need to use computer from testing to usage. It overcomes the dependence of computer software control and improve the efficiency. SUNTRONs conference system can work with remote video conference system. 


SUNTRON central control system includes merged type programmable central controller which is suitable for large conference; module type programmable central controller which is suitable for medium/small size conference system; desktop hidden type controller which is suitable for signal from multiple computers; and central controller especially suitable for education use. 

Audio system and peripheral audio products, including feedback suppressor, audio processor, professional power amplifier, speaker, wireless microphones, wired microphone etc. Work with peripheral audio products, there is be better acoustic, and longer pick-up distance. It is easy to connect and excellent for conference projects.


As introduction, SUNTRON has several brands, including SUNTRON, AVCOM, VCOMTEK, AVFEEL etc., and we have a team which is rich of passion, ability. 

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