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SUNTRON Attend Beijing Exhibition with 15 years experience

Date:2016年6月12日 14:49

China international professional audio, light or musical instrument exhibition, which was held in China national conversation center. SUNTRON, the intelligent conference system manufacturer, took part in this exhibition with its full line products, including conference system, central controller, matrix switcher, audio system, and AV peripheral products. SUNTRON attracts lots of visitors who is from over the world, because of the excellent products and rich experiences.


SUNTRON audio conference system including discussion conference system, discussion tracking conference system, discussion tracking voting conference system, IR simultaneous interpretation system etc. It is famous for excellent product quality. SUNTRONs conference system can work well with other brands remote video conference system.  


SUNTRON intelligent central control system, including split type electrified educational central controller, integrated educational central controller.


Audio system and peripheral products includes DPA /DPP series professional power amplifier, MX series audio mixer, VF/HCS/MS series speakers, WM series wireless conference system; UHF wireless microphones, VHF wireless microphones, HM series wired microphone.


According to more than 10 years experience of AV system solution designing, engineering and project management, SUNTRON can offer one package service for the whole project, including the solution, system wiring, device install, system testing, training, system acceptance, after-sales service.

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