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Guangdong Sports Bureau project

Date:2016年6月8日 16:25

Guangdong Sports Bureau project had been finished, it includes 3 conference rooms. Each conference room mainly has conference system, sound system and central control system etc.


SUNTRON engineers constructed the project based on convenient to user and break “lecture type” conference room layout. Except movie player with big screen, gorgeous lights, excellent sound effect etc, there are also discussion conference system, central control system, remote audio system and remote video conference system.


We offered all-in-one conference system which can control the conference mode by main unit. Sound system includes audio mixer, feedback suppressor, power amplifier, wireless microphone etc. Central control system includes programmable central controller, WIFI control panel, VGA switcher, AV switcher etc to control projector, projector screen, signal switching, volume control, lighting and curtains etc.

SUNTRON had offered the solution that can match user’s demand best and enrich the conference mode demand.

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